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"So long as you are ready to die for humanity, the life of your country is immortal."
- Guiseppe Mazzini
 Ciao, mi chiamo Feliciano Vargas. I´m the representant of the Republic of san Marco, a revolutionary state, and Lombardo-Veneto, a kingdom under the command of the Empire of Austria.
The second one was founded in 1815 (the Congress of Vienna, y´know?), the first one declared independence in the year 1848.
I´m trying very hard to gain freedom and autonomy but it´s not as easy as I thought I´d be! Habsburg is very dominant and hits me a lot when I start to revolt ...
Well, anyway, I try my best and I hope I will be a strong, powerful nation one day (like I used to be)!
Ugh, I just want the stupid Austrians to go awayyyy....


/Feliciano in his mid-teens, 1815 - 1866/

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And with doge I don’t mean the ruler of the republic of Venice, just to be clear, but the damn dog.


Cristo iddio.

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Generally, the Germans have huge breakfasts but light suppers, whereas the Italians have poor breakfasts but rich dinners. GerIta at mealtimes must therefore be something like:


Feli: *unpredictable till 1st coffee*
Lud: “Hey, Liebe. You want ham or something?”
Feli: “Augh, how can you…


Art my Hidekazu Himaruya
The characters are Germany and Prussia from Hetalia

Cute, a picture of Germany and Prussia when they were little!

((Actually, this is Prussia and Germany during the 19th century. You can see it because the clothes they wear are the Pickelhaube, which is a famous part of the Unification uniforms, and the typical military outfit that you often see on my askblog. Therefore Prussia must be an adult in this picture, while Germany is a teen. The date is roughly 1866 -1871, and is either referring to the Franco-Prussian war or the Seven Weeks War (also known as the Austro-Prussian War), which were part of the Eingungskriege (Unification War) of Germany.
Since Prussia is protective yet arrogantly laughing, I believe this refers to the defeat at Königgrätz, but I can be mistaken.))

Germany and the EU strip →


Why aren’t we talking more about this? http://www.hetarchive.net/scanlations/nonlinear.php?blog-entry-1240

Let’s take Feli: “Poor fellow in an unfortunate situation. In reality, the GDP of the Northern part of Italy surpasses the EU average, but even being the secret…


I’m in the south of Italy right now, and all the people I’ve seen tend to have olive or white skin. Of course, lots of people are tanned since they’re just coming out of summer, but really the only people of dark skin are an immigrant minority and tourists.

So stop drawing aph Romano like his nonno moved in from sub-Saharan Africa ok.


please stop depicting romano as a bad or mean person/parent/parent figure/guardian towards kids bc im pretty sure with that childhood of his, he’d be the best and most unconditionally loving nation-parent for kids ok


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

thank you so much for this blog. thank you thank you thank you! i did the Italian Unification in history and my Italy muse just latched onto it but no-one seems to ever acknowledge Italy as anything more than this stupid idiot. this blog just totally appeases both my raging history nerd side and my Italy-muse side. thank you so much for making it!

((aaahhh I´m flattered! And I envy you a bit because we didn´t learn about it at all. Thank you a lot!))

I think you are adorable and I love the way you look into your history and facts before speaking them. You're the type of person I want to love and get to know and seem to have a warm feel about you. I have learnt a lot thanks to this blog c:

((this is very kind of you, thank you!!))

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Ooooh nanaaa! Headcanon that this is what gino looks like~


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how do you make your beds in germany???





((well, while Italians (at least the ones I know, I don´t know how if differs, maybe you make it like we do I don´t know) tuck their sheets in most times and have light sheets and maybe one or two blankets, we have thick eiderdowns that are super warm and comfortable! That´s also why Germans are extremly sensible to cold weather, because of that - and because our houses are warmer thanks to good isolation…well, I can´t really explain it properly and I can´t find images, but most Germans get really confused when they are in Italian hotels! You´ll hear a slightly desperate “How do you sleep with that??”))

Winter is coming, and in the North our beds have generally:
-Mattress turned on the warm side, the one with wollen
-copriletto: A blanket wrapped around the mattress
-lenzuolo: 1st blanket, cotton
-coprilenzuolo: 2nd blanket, usually thicker
-coperta: wollen or syntetic sheet, meant to keep you warm
-Piumino or Piumone: a thick sheet full either of wool, syntetic fibers or goose feathers, may be put into a”copripiumone” if the feathers flop around too much or you want more warmth
Some add more blankets, up to 7 if the night is particularly rigid, and some others use bed-warmers. Some only use the first three even in winter. Italy is a humid country, therefore even if we don’t have extremely frosty climates, the cold pierces through your skin and digs into your bones.

Generally you don’t get a “piumone” in hotels because the good-quality ones are really expensive (60-100 Euros), but you may ask for more “coperte”. They’re generally made of wool or other warm fibers, thick enough for you to survive the night.
Our houses are differently served depending on the area: Partly because we try to resist mild humid winters and hot as flaming hell summers with floodings; partly because they’re generally old as fuck and privates are free to do the hell they want if they know a good lawyer; partly because our politicians still don’t have clear that the Calabrean Appennine and the Lombardean Alps get two different  climates, so we have fucked up regulations. (eg: Put winter tires on in November even if you live in Pescara and the sun is gonna melt them; no you can’t change your plumbing system with a Finnish one even if in the Alps you get -15°C, I don’t care if your boiler’s gonna explode,… Italian laws). So yep, I agree on the “WTF Italian houses”.

((as I said, Italians and their fucking 47364 thin blankets. We just have one single sheet which is rly warm and thick and fluffy.))

So… Germans don’t roll up themselves like burritos in one or more blankets…? 

((No! We sleep under one blanket! I’ll show you my bed. I will upload a picture when I’m on my laptop!))

((I posted this on my askblog because it´s more relevant here! Europeans don´t really differ in skin color, you can´t tell us apart by appearance, only language and culture! In summer, a South Italian is a bit darker skinned than a Norwegian, but that´s about it.
The fanarts I used are in the tags: “my art” + “gerita”, “spamano”  and “hetalia”))

((side note: Germans and Italians make their beds differently))

Important to all Hetalia cosplayers!


((So I went to Salt Lake Comic con on Saturday as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and as my friends and I were resting, we experienced watching the “newbies” of hetalia cosplay (I would know, I’ve been in the fandom in my area for a while and I have never seen them before until then). To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed in them…they were nice, yes, but I only talked to them for less than a minute before leaving. Later, I noticed veterans to the hetalia fandom complaining about how those hetalians were disrespecting their countries and allowing their flags to drop and touch the ground. As one of the more experienced hetalians politely asked a Prussia cosplayer to refrain from allowing the flag to touch the ground, they purposefully threw it down to the floor and said something along the lines of how Prussia was dead anyway.

So if anything, please please PLEASE be respectful about the country you are cosplaying, because you ARE representing them. I know pretty much all of you on here are careful of that—thank you so much. Also. France is not a rapist. Spain is not a pedophile. Etc.

Thank you for understanding ^^))

Since I have this problem with other cosplayers too, let´s make it a bit more clear:

  • The flag should never have any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind placed on it or attached to it.
    No, you cannot draw a heart on your flag and write “USUK <3” on the UK and America flags.
  • The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.
    Bring a bag for your stuff dude.
  • The flag should never be stepped on.
    I don´t have to explain this one I hope.
  • The flag should never touch anything beneath it. Contrary to an urban legend, the flag code does not state that a flag that touches the ground should be burned. Instead, it is considered disrespectful to the flag and the flag in question should be moved in such a manner so it is not touching the ground.
    Try to let the flag not touch the ground and hell fucking don´t use it as a picnic blanket.
  • International flag usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.
    Yes I know you love your OTP, no you cannot hang them up like this.

    Also, no matter how “edgy” and “cool” it looks, don´t burn flags for your dramatical cosplay shooting. You´ll look like a terrorist.It´s a shame that I have to mention that anyway….

Of course, it can happen that you step on a flag by accident, but please, even though you may be in an in-character RusAme fight, don´t disrespect the flag of other nations or your own. It makes our fandom look bad in public!

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