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"So long as you are ready to die for humanity, the life of your country is immortal."
- Guiseppe Mazzini
 Ciao, mi chiamo Feliciano Vargas. I´m the representant of the Republic of san Marco, a revolutionary state, and Lombardo-Veneto, a kingdom under the command of the Empire of Austria.
The second one was founded in 1815 (the Congress of Vienna, y´know?), the first one declared independence in the year 1848.
I´m trying very hard to gain freedom and autonomy but it´s not as easy as I thought I´d be! Habsburg is very dominant and hits me a lot when I start to revolt ...
Well, anyway, I try my best and I hope I will be a strong, powerful nation one day (like I used to be)!
Ugh, I just want the stupid Austrians to go awayyyy....


/Feliciano in his mid-teens, 1815 - 1866/

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Hetalia characters and the theirs great men

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So… I joined “Hetalia” fandom only few months ago… And I decided to do a little research on Poland’s crossdressing. Sorry for my awful English.


Poland appears in 114 different media - that includes comic strips (both webcomics and published in volumes), one drama CD,…

Um, I'm working on an oc and need some feedback from someone who knows the turkish language and would be able to help me translate something. I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense, I don't know how to phrase this question ^^;

((duh I’m German but maybe one of my followers can help?))



do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

i am that friend

((Not updating atm because I’m working on a bigger thing!))

hey owo i was wondering if you would be able to post some slang terms for the north of italy and perhaps more exclusively venice? thank you very much if you do!♥



Sure! I’m not Northern, I don’t know many terms, but I have some cousins living in Venice and I can try to write some , so here you are:

Seccia: a person who studies a lot

Sgamare: catching someone doing something they were trying to hide

Smaronare: accidentally saying an information about someone else that was supposed to be a secret

Stramusone: hard slap

Tipo/tipa: Boyfriend/girlfriend

Brusare: skipping lessons

Ciavare: having sex °//^//°

The term “mona" is very used, and it means "idiot", "stupid". 

I hope I helped at least a little bit! I tried :)

Let me correct a few things! Apparently your cousin has such a strong accent you missed the Ch’s!!

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the italian national anthem is called fratelli d’italia which literally translates to brothers of italy and i am surprised that the hetalia fandom does not talk about this

((We should talk about the history of the anthem too! It was written 1847, and therefore is part of the Risorgimento! It was used as a marching and combat song, and has its lyrics from Novaro, a composer living in Turin.
The lyrics say a lot about the mindset back then. Here are my personal favorites:

"We have been for centuries
stamped on, and laughed at,
because we are not one people,
because we are divided.
Let’s unite under
one flag, one dream;
To melt together
Already the time has come.
Let us unite!
We are ready to die;
Italy called. “

"Let’s unite, let’s love; The union and the love Reveal to the people God’s ways. We swear to liberate the native soil: United, for God, Who can beat us?"

Also, like every athem, there’s that one part that shouldn’t be sung anymore:
"They are branches that bend
the sold swords;
Already the eagle of Austria
has lost its feathers.
the blood of Italy
and the Polish blood
Drank with Cossacks
But its heart was burnt. “
-> Basically a big FUCK YOU to Austria.))

For the tumblr masquerade, you should ask your incredibly shitty older brother.

Which one? The one from the South? Uh, not sure…haven´t talked to him in decades…

But where's the muse from?? Sorry just curious -V.

((Venezia! To be more specific he is Venezia.
Mun is from germany.))

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I think I'm following one of your other blogs (unless someone just reblogged something to promo you. I'm not too certain.). I just remember you asking if anyone would be interested in a historically accurate Italy and I decided to go and follow you because it was Hetalia and I fell in love with your characterization because it was different. Plus you have a really interesting art style!

((Aaah thanks ♥))

(I think I saw a post about history on your blog. And I was like " :O I love history! I'm gonna follow this blog!' Or something like that ^^; )

((aaah cool! Yeah there´s too much OOC on this blog I know…history brain vomits…))

((I only glanced at your URL the first time 'cause I was skimming tumblr quickly before I had to go somewhere and I instantly associated the 'risorgimento' part with pasta when I skimmed past it ;;;; (and I still catch myself thinking of pasta when I see it /sobs) and I can't remember what your first icon was but I remembered thinking it looked really cool ;; v ;; ))

((laughs at pasta omfg))

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