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"So long as you are ready to die for humanity, the life of your country is immortal."
- Guiseppe Mazzini
 Ciao, mi chiamo Feliciano Vargas. I´m the representant of the Republic of san Marco, a revolutionary state, and Lombardo-Veneto, a kingdom under the command of the Empire of Austria.
The second one was founded in 1815 (the Congress of Vienna, y´know?), the first one declared independence in the year 1848.
I´m trying very hard to gain freedom and autonomy but it´s not as easy as I thought I´d be! Habsburg is very dominant and hits me a lot when I start to revolt ...
Well, anyway, I try my best and I hope I will be a strong, powerful nation one day (like I used to be)!
Ugh, I just want the stupid Austrians to go awayyyy....


/Feliciano in his mid-teens, 1815 - 1866/

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Germany and Italy being so cute!!! 

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(For one love this blog and the damn artwork >w< Two, hold up the little fucker in the World Stars cover is Nero? I was hoping it was Julius Caesar, damn it all. I was excited but its Nero and he was a horrible ruler. Damn. I feel the urge to educate the fans who don't know about Nero and his damn horribleness. Just sayin'. Couldn't think of a real ask at the moment.)

((Nero is an interesting and complex person though, and while most students know Ceasar because of history/Latin class (Julius was, by the way, not as much of a hero and good person than people assume - he was a bit of a dick) other rules aren´t appreciated at all.
I think it´s interesting that Hima chose Nero, since he somehow has to bring up cruelity, which could give Hetalia a new fresh touch to the usually sugarcoated story telling!))

Top Ten Fun Facts about Italy please! It can be anything you find interesting :D

Random trivia mostly from my books about the Venetian Revolution and the Risorgimento in general (sadly mostly Northern Italy, I plan to find more reliable sources for the Kingdom of Two Sicilies in German or English soon):

  1. Garibaldi loved to write poems and stories, but it was just of such a bad quality that he kept it private.
  2. The Stella d´Italia is the oldest symbol associated with Italy.
  3. Daniele Manin liked to sleep and was rather fond of his bed.
  4. Charles Albert dressed up as a peasant to get to Milan without being recognized as the king of Sardinia.
  5. A general of an unpopular force in the war of the Veneto in 1848 cosplayed as Frederick the Great.
  6. Marinovich who didn´t pay the Arsenalotti well and kept saying the get their wage rise “perhaps next week”, was wounded badly by one of the revolutionaries and when he demanded a priest the Venetians responded “perhaps next week”.
  7. The defense of the Veneto failed because Manin relied on Piedmontese help too much and because the Venetian govt didn´t send enough weapons. They kinda failed hard.
  8. When Pope Pius IX. proclaimed there would be no support of an unification war from his side, the Italians went from “hell yeah Pope Pius!! I will pray to a picture of him every day and shout his name in public” to “you know what sounds great? Throwing his picture out of the window” within 0.6 seconds.
  9. The resisting revolutionary states within Italy in 1849 were in the end only two cities: Venice and Rome, Venice was able to resist until August, Rome fell earlier. Even though they shared a goal, Venice refused to ally with Rome and isolated itself almost completely.
  10. Italy´s railway network was 1/3 Piedmontese in the midst of the 19th century (they industrialized a lot and were hella in dept, duh.)

Too lazy for sourcing, I hope I got everything right.

As G. M. Trevelyan wrote: “If the Englishman does not know when he is beaten, the Italian sometimes knows it and does not care”
- Daniele Manin and the Venetian Revolution of 1848/49


Vincenzo Migliaro (Napoli, 1858 – 1938), La passeggiata pomeridiana - San Marco, Venezia, 1901

The bridge of "sighs"? Something tells me it has history--))

((It’s a Venetian legend claiming that when the Republic’s enemies who were sentenced to death were able to see the city for the last time when they crossed this bridge before dying, sighing because this is the last beautiful thing they’ll see.
As many urban legends, this probably never happened, but Venice is full of stories and tales.))

doge’s palace + bridge of sighs

Gemacht aus Blut und Eisen 
Made of blood and iron.

((Part of the main story, but I don´t want to spoiler you. Feli went through a lot of shit that´s why he looks so exhausted, while Germany is strong and vital (thanks Bismarck).))

I fought until complete exhaustion but I need to keep my children alive, too! They need food and their city not being bombed 24/7. My children´s safety comes first, I can´t just fight until death, I have to care for my people, that´s my only priority. Another year of war and Venice is completely destroyed and all of my population starved or dead, maybe both. Do you want me to end like this? Independence, but at what cost?
Whole Italy was already defeated, I was the last city surrendering, we were brave but we were too weak and our enemy too strong.
I have my limits.

She´s on my side. Fortunately. She´s so scary when angry…




And with doge I don’t mean the ruler of the republic of Venice, just to be clear, but the damn dog.


Cristo iddio.


Art my Hidekazu Himaruya
The characters are Germany and Prussia from Hetalia

Cute, a picture of Germany and Prussia when they were little!

((Actually, this is Prussia and Germany during the 19th century. You can see it because the clothes they wear are the Pickelhaube, which is a famous part of the Unification uniforms, and the typical military outfit that you often see on my askblog. Therefore Prussia must be an adult in this picture, while Germany is a teen. The date is roughly 1866 -1871, and is either referring to the Franco-Prussian war or the Seven Weeks War (also known as the Austro-Prussian War), which were part of the Eingungskriege (Unification War) of Germany.
Since Prussia is protective yet arrogantly laughing, I believe this refers to the defeat at Königgrätz, but I can be mistaken.))

thank you so much for this blog. thank you thank you thank you! i did the Italian Unification in history and my Italy muse just latched onto it but no-one seems to ever acknowledge Italy as anything more than this stupid idiot. this blog just totally appeases both my raging history nerd side and my Italy-muse side. thank you so much for making it!

((aaahhh I´m flattered! And I envy you a bit because we didn´t learn about it at all. Thank you a lot!))

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